What is Yoga?

Yoga is an ancient discipline that dates back thousands of years. It is made up of eight branches or limbs, with the three most practiced being breath(pranayama), postures(asanas) and meditation(dhyana). Yoga means union, as in union of the mind, body and the spirit. At YogaNation, we try to combine the classic yoga philosophy with a modern twist. Yoga is definitely not a religion, it is a discipline, not unlike martial arts in a way. Yoga is a form of active meditation and exercise that many people find helps quiet the mind and helps them to relax. The benefits of yoga are endless! The most obvious benefits are increased flexibility, toning the body, increased metabolism, increased circulation, detoxing and cleansing the body and the mind, weight loss, cardiovascular fitness, increased focus and the list goes on and on! But the best place to learn about yoga and what it is, is on your mat. Yoga is for everyone; women, men, kids, teens, seniors to new mothers and moms-to-be.

Preparing For the Start of Your Amazing Journey

Taking a step onto your yoga mat is an exciting new beginning! We believe it is important to begin your journey with the highest standard of instructional guidance in an amazing and supportive environment built on trust and connection. Which ever style of class you participate in, building a solid foundation is an integral initiation to your yoga practice. We took great care in selecting just the right instructors so that you feel at home in the studio and most importantly on your mat. Yoga is unique because it provides many physical benefits but remains a low to no-impact form of exercise that does not generally cause repetitive stress injuries like other forms of exercise like running, aerobics, weightlifting, cycling, etc. Many yogis have, in fact, find that yoga helps overcome such injuries by incorporating a regular yoga practice into their lives. Maintaining a lifetime practice strengthens the joints, connective tissues and muscles, as well as the mind. That is why it is a perfect compliment to other activities and sports. Injuries can also happen with yoga, so it is important to work with your body and within your limitations. Consider yoga as a lifetime practice and a journey to be explored with slow and appreciable changes to the mind, body and spirit.

What to Bring

First and foremost, bring your sense of curiosity! Whether you are a seasoned practitioner or new to yoga, we offer the means to explore yoga in a safe and fun environment. For each class you will need only your water bottle, mat, towel and an open mind. Comfortable clothing is encouraged such as breathable fabrics that are not too loose. YogaNation will provide you with a complimentary mat and towel on your first visit. For all subsequent visits, mat and towel rentals are $2. We encourage our students to have their own mats and towels for sanitary purposes and comfort. We do have these items for sale in our retail area. Think of it as an investment in the journey to changing your life!

Our Studio

YogaNation is conveniently located in beautiful Clearview Market Square on the East side of Red Deer. You will find plenty of free parking and other amenities within walking distance of YogaNation. Riding your bike or walking is encouraged too! We are striving to be as “green” as we can. We used non- toxic paints throughout the studio as well as LED lighting. We also clean and sanitize the studio with non toxic, plant based cleaning products. We do recycle and we encourage our yogis to bring their own water bottles and towels to class. We provide retail items available for purchase in our lobby, from mats, clothing to water bottles so that you can be ready to practice! Our amazing space has beautiful women and men’s change rooms with showers in each for your convenience as well as lockers in the ladies rooms and cubbies in the mens room to secure your belongings. The practice room is beautiful and welcoming. Our state-of-the-art ThermaRay Heating system provides radiant heat that is quiet and efficient. Think of it as being heated by the sun, without the harmful UV rays. This system heats up the body and objects first, just like the sun does, naturally and efficiently. It is also quiet so that we can provide a quiet and calm space in which to practice. We are very proud of our  studio and we put a lot of thought and effort to providing our yogis the most amazing place to come together as a yoga community and truly appreciate the gift of Yoga.

Hot Or Not?

Practicing yoga in hot or heated room warms the body and allows for greater flexibility, increased detoxification and a deeper relaxation. So be prepared to sweat! In general it will provide a better workout and torches additional calories. With added humidity for comfort, we do not have to have extremely high temperatures to achieve the benefits of a heated room. Our hot yoga classes will be approximately 39°C in temperature. While some like it hot, we also have classes that are heated. The room will be warmer than room temperature (25-30°C) for these classes, for comfort, and to provide you with the benefits of a heated class.