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How yoga can help with compulsive gambling and anxiety

How yoga can help with compulsive gambling and anxiety

Gambling problems are identified with other hidden issues like nervousness, stress, impulse control problems and substance abuse. Some individuals take to betting as a method of stress relief.

Nancy Haight
Oct 18, 2021

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Gambling problems are identified with other hidden issues like nervousness, stress, impulse control problems and substance abuse. Some individuals take to betting as a method of stress relief. 

As they bet, individuals regularly report being isolated from their restless sentiments or experience the transfer of their feelings of anxiety onto the joy they feel when they participate in their betting actions. 

Thus, betting can work its way into the core of a person’s daily existence, and the feeling of the necessity to bet can overpower them, turning to an addiction. Hence, controlling anxiety is essential for improvements in controlling compulsive gambling.  

Nearly all online gambling platforms offer their players some types of offers to attract and retain users. These offers can encourage players to bet more often than they should—but yoga can provide a solution.

How yoga can help in managing gambling problems

Individuals participate in Yoga to assist with working on their mood and improve their feeling of prosperity. The breathing adjustments and body stances utilized during yoga help to advance your spirituality, relaxation and even physical strength. We get to look at how Yoga can help with compulsive gambling and anxiety. 


Yoga mixes deep breathing and relaxation methodologies with body mindfulness procedures that assist individuals with perceiving when they are turning out to be excessively tense. 

Relaxation is a physiological and mental reaction that helps with managing panic and anxiety. It is accompanied by a slowing down of the heart rate pulse and easing blood pressure, deeper breathing, and a quiet, even perspective. 

When experienced consistently, its effects are compounded. Perhaps the most impressive way individuals can balance tension is by figuring out how to unwind through Yoga. Yoga workouts encourage individuals to distinguish stress triggers, stop them, and break the pattern of uneasiness. 

Individuals should focus on everyday practice, regardless of whether the activities don't seem to help from the start; the more individuals do these activities, the more beneficial they will have.

Thought process  

Betting addictions can be extremely stressful – and the impacts of compulsive betting can be just about as severe as some other compulsions. Therefore, tracking down a solid outlet for your pressure is often a critical point in your road to handling the problem. 

For some, Yoga can be that outlet. Yoga assists with lightening stress effects and working on improving the quality of your sleep. Yoga exercises help in the road to a solid body and brain.

Combined with its mindful mental activities and expert help, having this outlet can be inconceivably significant for your mental health. Recovering from and handling anxiety isn't halting an old vice; it's about giving yourself the tools to manage any obstacles that life may through at you.

Physical wellbeing

Exercise can frequently bring actual advantages for the exerciser, including enhanced perseverance and strength. Furthermore, scientists presently realize that physical activity can assist with synapse development. 

Exercise advances something many refer to as neurogenesis in your cerebrum – the production of new synapses. Since negative life occasions (stress specifically) will, in general, inhibit neurogenesis, obviously, the psychological impacts of physical activity also affect your well-being.

Combined with mental activities, the effect of Yoga can be amazingly incredible during your road to recovery. Yoga can assist you to feel stronger, helping you handle yourself better in tempting environments such as gambling.

Yoga is a reflective exercise that placates the brain while giving the body an intensive workout. Yoga can assist you better grasp how to unwind. In doing as such, it lessens pressure and nervousness, two factors that are known to, in some cases to trigger backslides in bad habits.

Staying in the moment

The Importance of staying Present while battling compulsive betting and uneasiness cannot be overemphasized. If you aren't in the present, you will not be able to sort out things. Staying away from your sentiments or feelings will feed your addiction. 

Yoga practice trains you to be effectively present in your feelings and circumstances. Customary yoga practices plus other alternative addiction treatments are some of the best ways to stay in the present to take care of your tension and habitual betting.

An exemplary perception practice is to envision a safe, quiet spot or circumstance, utilizing each of the five faculties to invoke however much insight regarding it as could be expected. These aides keep you from noticing tense negative considerations and desires.

For instance, individuals could envision going for a comfortable stroll on the seashore. With training, they can see the sea, sun, sand, and birds. They figure out how to hear the waves running into the shore or the seagulls cawing. They can feel the warm sun on their skin and the delicate sand underneath their feet. They can smell and taste the air.

Acts as a replacement

Distraction when dealing with this type of problem is preferable to deprivation. Engaging in activities that you consider fun and enjoyable is the most effective way to ease tension and reduce gambling addiction.

Discovering a substitution action might include taking up old diversions or discovering new interests and exercises. Over the long run, such new interests like yoga advance into effective methods for dealing with stress, helping individuals get through nervousness and betting problems. 

The key is to discover engaging exercises. Yoga as a distraction helps improve your overall wellbeing and mental health and should be pursued fervently in the quest to achieve freedom from anxiety and compulsive gambling 


Preparing the brain and body through Yoga routinely is an extraordinary method of giving yourself the tools requisite to recapture control of your life. This practice will go a long way in helping you achieve long-term recovery from gambling related problems such as anxiety and depression

Regardless of whether you are feeling excessively anxious or not, you will appreciate the liberating sensation you will feel after a successful yoga session. The power of Yoga transcends any imaginable force. Yoga is recognized as al alternative treatment approach to health problems such as addiction, anxiety, and depression, among other mental health disorders.

Nancy Haight | Nancy is a Vancouver-based Yoga teacher and Tier 3 Certified Baptiste Teacher. During her free time supports yogis to turn their passion into their career.



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